June 20, 2008


I have started a new blog (looks way better) over here:


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June 17, 2008

New Blog

New Blog coming soon!!

May 3, 2008

Over trained

So I have been trying to stay active and I believe I might have over trained. This F**** sucks!!! I am still trying to heal my shoulder my left elbow feels a lot better but know my right wrist is giving me a lil trouble.

On the bright side I have not had any fast food (except salads) for about a week. I have been spending some time working on my diet since I really cant work out.

Random note: I almost made final table at a local casino tournament (poker) but I got a timeout for saying the f-word. The time out really hurt my play since the antes and the blinds ate me up real nice.

The Button raised, then big blind called, I was in 1st position and had limped in with J-10 suited. I turn to the BB and said " I respect for fucking play bro" (he hadn't played a hand in 30 min) and I laid my hand down.

The dealer yells out "timeout-floorman" the floor man comes over and gives me a time out.

Later I hear that the same dealer gave someone a time out for saying "Tom Cruise is fucking hot"

April 21, 2008


So I am back from Vegas!!!

And you know what? It didn't go well! I was hoping to do good in poker and It went completely opposite. I ended up coming home broke but at least I came home Alive!

So me and my friends are driving back from Vegas and we almost die! I have always watched TV and seen car chases but never been around one. So we are diving back and decide to stop by at xxx city to get some food. We eat and start to drive back home when we hit an intersection, everyone starts to yell at my friend (the driver) "turn left, turn right, go straight". My friend slows down and has a WTF moment at the intersection. Just then a car runs the red light and flies by us missing our car by a foot or so. Then a cop car flies by with its lights and sirens blaring. Had we not all disagreed on a direction we would have got t-boned by a car getting chased by a cop doing around 55 or so.

Life is too short to worry about the small things!!!!!!!!!!

April 16, 2008

Another trip to Las Vegas!!! Lets see how my 7 card stud game holds up. Also I hope my No Limit game has not gone to crap and I can make some good money. Time to hit up the Vegas Alumni and Instructors and party it up.

The down side is I have 1 natural friend who is going and 2 AFCs. The problem with AFCs is that they not only lack Game but they have other aspects of their life missing. But oh well what ever happens happens.

March 31, 2008


Alright, finally my poker game is starting to get better. I have been reading up on some 7 card stud strats and its starting to come together. Also I finally I bought myself some golf clubs!!!!

I decide to spend a small amount of money and buy me a set of clubs. I couldn't way to use them so I called up a good friend of mine and told him we should hit up a driving range. We meet up and he has years of playing and he has some really good info for a beginner like me. Lucky for me I caught on really fast. So we walk into the range and its multi level, there is a total of 3 stories. We play and decide to jump on the 3rd floor and swing away. Once we got up there it felt like I was going to swing and let my club go and fall 3 stories, or I was going to swing and fall off myself.

So after a small break we decide that we should switch levels and be a lil more comfortable. About 55 swings later I noticed that certain areas on my hands were starting to burn. I didn't realize that there was a blister developing. Now I know why people wear gloves when they swing a club.

I just have to get about 19283231% better and I can go after Tiger Woods.

March 28, 2008


WOW. this thing is hard to keep up with!!

But the key things is that I forgot that this blog isn't just about PU its about me and what goes on around me. I forgot that this is a place where I can put my thoughts down and reflect.

Oh well Lesson learned.

Back to Poker!!! Yeah baby! Well not really.

I used to play poker a while back but it seemed that it was beginning to consume my life so I decided to stop. I was a No Limit Hold'em tournament player at first and I did fairly well, I even won a couple of tournaments here is L.A and in Vegas. Then I transitioned in cash games, but Poker is a real Grind just like the pros say it is. To be honest I could have made a lil cash with Poker but I couldn't sit at a table for 8-10 hrs a day.

So fast forward to these past weeks and I am playing again, but as we all know you cant just jump back in to something and expect to be as good as you used to be. Well that turned out to be the case. I jumped back into some low limit hold'em and played for a week or so and lost a couple hundred. So I decide that maybe No Limit might not be my game anymore and I have had my eye on 7 card stud. So I decide to jump on a low limit game so I can play and understand the dynamic of the game. I definitely enjoy 7 card stud more than no limit, but unfortunately I am playing like a donk and still loosing money.

What a mental roller coaster ride its been, its like I am back at square 1 and have to work my way up all over. I guess only time will tell if I can get back into shape with poker or not.